Dunn is a 4 peice band that was formed in 2004 and have the ability to take you away from your life for a few hours, make you laugh, make you wanna dance and forget about what a week that you just had. In short, Dunn entertains. Dunn’s song list is vast and varing. Blues, Country, R&B, Southern Rock, Classic Rock, Reggae, Pop and Funk. Dunn plays from London, Ontario to Toronto, and the Niagara Region.

Dee Flat (Flying Monkey Girl) is the lead singer and leader of the Dunn. Dee interacts with her audience and makes everyone feel like they are part of the show. Nicknamed “Flying Monkey Girl”, people say of Dee, “you never know what she will say or do”. Dee has been a dedicated professional singer since 1979 and continues to grow in her vocal ability.

Kevin (Flash) Herring is the Lead Guitar player of Dunn and a back up vocalist. Kevin is a Musician’s Musician. Respected and revered where ever he goes. His ability to play so many different styles of music and so well, is what sets him apart from so many.

John (Papa Chaz) Tilbrook is the Bass player of Dunn and also a Lead and back up vocalist. John is a five string bass player who has the diversity ability required to play all the styles that Dunn presents. John is a bass player who holds it down and locks up the rhythm but brings on his lead ability at appropriate times and is damned funny.

Anthony (Leave Her Alone) Nicoletta is the Drummer of Dunn. Drummers are a different breed. Anthony is the exception to the exception. The Man has talent! Anthony not only plays drums so very well on all the various music styles that Dunn represents but his drum solo’s have been recorded on youtube. Won’t say anymore, just look him up.

Dunn is also part of a much larger musical picture available, the base four members of Dunn are also available as part of the Corporate band, D Flat & The Benz and also the festival band, The Groove Gators. D Flat & The Benz are a Corporate Band of 5 to 7 members. D Flat & The Benz have been performing Corporate shows for many years and will fit into any theme you can come up with. The Groove Gators are 9 to 11 peice band that deliver New Orleans based music with 3 lead female singers in full costume, interactive with the audience no matter what the size.

In all, Dunn is a working professional band, who work hard to make sure you have a good time and your ears are happy.